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asthma medicine

Beware Of Asthma Quackery

A timely warning issued here reminds us about the fact that we should be viewing all ‘miracle cures’ with a healthy dose of salt. Things that promise ‘instant relief’ or ‘miracle cure’ for asthma attacks come within the realm of Caveat Emptor which is the legal doctrine of ‘let the buyer beware’. This is why […]

peanut allergy

Treatment For Peanut Allergy May Be In Offing

Those troubled by an allergy to peanuts may soon have reason to cheer. According to the report, a long term study is to be initiated, which may find a way to deal with peanut allergies, particularly among children. The trial will start by offering 5 mg of peanut flour to allergy sufferers. This dosage will […]

cleaning house

The Hygiene Hypothesis – Are We Too Clean?

This post raises an interesting question about germs and the fact that we tend to treat all with utter disgust; attempting to eliminate all germs. The post points out that presenting too aseptic an environment to our children to grow up in is perhaps not the best thing to do; this perhaps hampers immunity. Strange […]

Identifying A Down Comforter Allergy

Identifying A Down Comforter Allergy

Are you sneezing or coughing at night? Are you developing a skin irritation or a rash that resembles ivy, sumac and poison oak? Perhaps even some shortness of breath along with some pain? You could be suffering from Down Comforter allergy. Every so often we feel we have an allergy because the symptoms appear suddenly […]

asthma drugs

Limits On Certain Asthma Drugs Called For By FDA

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) expressed the need to place certain limits on some bronchial medications that are used in the treatment of asthma. These drugs which contain both long-acting beta agonists, also known as LABAs, and inhaled corticosteroids are used by millions of Americans and are known to increase risk of complications that […]

spring allergies

Suggested Strategies To Combat Early Spring Allergies

Allergy sufferers are well aware of how allergies work: it is the body’s defense mechanism coming to the fore in the case of innocuous stimuli being seen as harmful and triggering a reaction. The number of allergy sufferers are increasing and not going down and here are some strategies about what you can do in […]

living with asthma

Living With Asthma And Its Effects On Family Life

Here you can view an online video about everyday trials and tribulations of living with asthma. Even one person in the family having asthma can impact the lifestyle, even quality of life for the entire family and owing to this a solid strategy for living with asthma has to be devised. This can include: Changes […]

Gift Ideas For Allergy Sufferers

Gift Ideas For Allergy Sufferers

To continue with ideas for choosing gifts for people with allergies; this can be tricky, but it is a good idea to stick with natural things, which contain the least amount of artificial agents and chemicals, which could be the ones causing the allergies. Here are some more gifting ideas for allergy sufferers: Honey: Honey […]


Allergies Will Now Be Restaurant’s Responsibility Too

In a move that may have a lot of allergy sufferers in Massachusetts, heave a sigh of relief, there will now be a legal requirement for restaurants to also be responsible for people’s allergies as reported here. Restaurants will now have to undertake certain measures to mitigate any ill effects that may occur as a […]

milk allergy

Is That Really An Allergy?

We probably all of us know someone who is severely allergic to something; and we are probably aware that some of us are even have food allergies some of which may be life threatening. But this research got us to think a bit: do we perhaps blame too much on allergies? It is true that […]