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Blackcurrants Linked To Asthma Relief

In what could come as welcome news for asthma sufferers, blackcurrants hold out some hope. A study published by Molecular Nutrition and Food Research has indicated that certain chemicals occurring naturally in blackcurrants could be useful in relieving the symptoms of asthma. It is a chemical compound called epigallocatechin which is seen to reduce inflammation […]

How A Neti Pot Can Help Out With Allergies?

How A Neti Pot Can Help Out With Allergies?

Sort of like Aladdin’s lamp, the Neti pot has its root in Indian yogic traditions of Jala neti. This is a system of nasal irrigation that uses a saline solution to clean the nasal tracts and can be useful in treating conditions such as sinuses, colds and several allergic reactions as well. The neti pot […]


Understanding Types Of Asthma May Be Key To Controlling It

In order to control asthma and receive the best possible treatment for it, it is necessary to identify the type of asthma a person has: Having allergies makes a person far more likely to have asthma. 80% of asthmatics have allergies and those with certain allergies are more likely to have asthma. Exercise induced asthma. […]

ordering in a restaurant

Dining Out – Things To Beware Of

While states such as Massachusetts now require restaurant employees to undergo training regarding food allergies, and need menus to bear a statutory warning, “Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy,” in other places the consumer needs to be most vigilant. An allergy sufferer should therefore, […]

Soy Allergy - What You Should Know

Soy Allergy – What You Should Know

Those that suffer from soy allergies would know that allergic reactions to soy could range from the mild (itching, hives, canker sores) to not so mild (including stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea) to severe (which may even include anaphylaxis, low blood pressure and lightheadedness). What some soy allergy sufferers may not know is that soy can […]

family meals

Asthmatic Kids Can Be Helped By Family Meals

There is a growing body of evidence that proves that family meals are good for children. Not only are they a great way for the family to spend some quality time together each day, they are shown to have long term health benefits and even reduce children’s risk of obesity. It is true that busy […]

grains and cereals

Want To Avoid Asthma In Your Kids? Eat Grains And Nuts When Pregnant

The respiratory condition of asthma is seen to be impacted by a mother’s activities, habits and diet when pregnant; a link between asthma and the mother-to-be’s diet has been recently explored by researchers. If women want to avoid having children with allergies, they must eat lot of grains, cereals and nuts, they are told. The […]

Adult Onset Allergies - What Triggers Them?

Adult Onset Allergies – What Triggers Them?

There are many among us who had a carefree childhood jousting with the pet dog, rolling in the garden and pretty much doing anything we wished. And then when adults, we are confronted with our first ever allergy; an adult onset allergy. Suddenly one has to watch what one eats, where one sleeps and basically […]


Peanut Allergy Linked To More Severe Kids’ Asthma

A recent study examined the possible link between peanut allergy and asthma among children and found that those children who had a peanut allergy were prone to more severe asthma attacks. It was found by researchers that those asthmatic children between ages 5 and 18 who had peanut allergy as well were more likely to […]

indoor allergies

Protective Bedding May Ease Indoor Allergies

In a recent survey, it was seen that among the top ways to control indoor allergies were the following factors: Protective bedding Air conditioning Antihistamines Diet modifications Air purifiers The reason that bedding is such an important part of allergy control is due to the fact that as much as 50% of every day (as […]