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halloween treats

Parents Of Allergic Kids – Beware Of Halloween Treats

As the season of trick or treatin’ is here, parents of children with allergies have to be doubly cautious with Halloween candy and other treats. While following tips and guidelines to keep kids safe at Halloween, parents also seen to take a long hard look at the treats that kids gather on their trick or […]

asthma treatment

Lungs’ ‘Taste Buds’ Could Help Develop New Asthma Treatment

Researchers are hopeful of a breakthrough in asthma treatment due to a new discovery made – that lungs do actually have taste buds and can sense taste in much the same way that the tongue can detect it. Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine found that lungs respond in an unexpected manner […]

organic compounds

Organic Compounds Bad, Swimming Good For Asthma

According to a scientific study, children whose sleep areas that have fumes of solvents and water based paints are four times more likely to have asthma or allergies. In a recent study, researchers measured the impact of certain compounds; propylene glycol and glycol ethers, known as PGEs on kids. It was found that the kids, […]

air pollution

Problems Posed By Antibiotics, Air Pollution

This article speaks about the increased risk of emphysema and related lung problems among those who live in areas with higher air pollution such as high traffic roads etc. According to research, air pollution can be responsible for worsening symptoms of problems such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), as well as other […]

telehealth care for asthmatics

Telehealth Care Could Help Keep Asthmatics Out Of Hospital

According to a recent review of as many as 21 studies on the subject, telehealth care, or health care delivered by telephone and the internet could help to keep severe asthmatics from having to go to hospital. Telehealth care for asthmatics could help by reducing the costs of care as well as time taken in […]