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allergy safe

Tips to be Allergy Safe this Holiday Season

There may be a lot of feasting and merry making during the holiday season, but for the person with allergies, problems may abound. Here are some tips to be allergy safe this holiday season If there is a buffet it is wise to skip that – they could mean common cooking or serving utensils, there […]

allergy free hotel stay

Tips For An Allergy Free Hotel Stay

We may all take a lot of care to use hypoallergenic products at home and to keep allergens such as dust and mold down to a minimum, but what about when you are traveling and are required to stay at a hotel? Here are some tips for an allergy free hotel stay – Some hotels […]

allergic reaction to kiss

A Kiss Can Be Fatal For Sensitive Allergy Sufferers

According to new research, if one has particularly extreme cases of allergies, they could have a serious allergic reaction to a kiss from a person who has had some food or drug that the person is allergic to. This new research was presented at recent gathering of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, […]

asthma risk

Use Of Paracetamol During Pregnancy Ups Asthma Risk

UK scientists have unearthed a link between paracetamol use and asthma risk, saying that the antioxidant genes of the mothers and child impacts the way that paracetamol use can impact future health of a child. In the study, 14,000 children were studied from their pregnancy until their 8th year of life by a team led […]

cross contamination

Avoid Cross Contamination At Home

Though you don’t actually eat something you are allergic to, contamination from very small quantities can cause allergic reactions. Avoid cross contamination by keeping the following in mind – In the kitchen, you can have segregated cookware or utensils for those who have allergies, so there is no chance of contamination taking place that way. […]

allergy season

Allergy Season Winding Down – Breath Easy

According to doctors, this hay fever season may have been rougher than usual, and what are glad tidings for allergy sufferers is the fact that the allergy season does seem to be winding down now. Doctors are keeping an eye on pollen counts and according to Dr. Linda Ford, an allergist who tracks pollen levels […]