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winter indoor allergies

Tips to Keep Allergies at Bay in Winter

While problems of hay fever are reduced during winter, being indoors a lot and winter dryness can pose problems for allergy sufferers at this time of the year. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) the following tips could help keep allergies at bay – Humidity should be kept to an […]

nasal congestion problems

Are You Worried with Nasal Congestion Problems?

Nasal congestion is most common problem experienced by almost everyone from young children to older adults at some point or other. A congested or stuffy nose results when the membranes of the inner lining of the nose becomes inflamed or swollen. Triggers of the nasal congestion problems Nasal congestion can be just an irritation for […]


Allergy Sufferers Should Steer Clear of Certain Probiotics

The Canadian health regulatory authority recalled certain probiotic natural health drinks because of traces of certain ingredients that are not listed on the ingredients label which could be possible allergens. Probiotics are the naturally occurring gut bacteria, which when deplete in the human digestive system, can be replenished by probiotic products that are available on […]

sinus headache pain

Identifying and Dealing with Sinus Headache Pain

Sinus headaches that are caused due to allergies are most adverse physiological health conditions that may interfere with your everyday life. Sinus headache takes place when the sinus cavities of your nose and certain areas of your face become congested with blocked mucus secretions. Sinus headache is usually accompanied with constant throbbing pain and pressure […]

flu infection

Can the Flu Infection Protect Against Asthma?

A recent study conducted on mice found that infection from the influenza virus could help protect against allergic asthma later in life. So in this sense, the virus was seen to have a preventive or protective impact on future asthma. A similar protective effects was seen to be imparted by treating mice with the bacterium […]

smoking ban

Smoke Free Laws of real Benefit for Asthma sufferers

Though many may scoff at and deny benefits that accrue from smoking bans, there is evidence to suggest that they can be of very real benefit, particularly for kids with asthma according to this Reuters report. Though earlier the study of the impact of smoking bans was mostly confined to adults, a new study examined […]

natural cough remedies

Natural Cough Remedies for Dry Cough

Although coughing is one of the body’s way to eliminate foreign elements and mucus from throat and lungs, it can be quite annoying issue, not only for you, but also for others who stay around you. Finding out the triggers of frequent cough and exploring best cough remedies is what you can do to beat […]


Allergy Tablets Effective Against Hay Fever

Though allergy shots are known to be an effective anti allergy treatment that helps reduce the body’s adverse reactions to allergens, they are known to have certain uncomfortable side effects such as itching, swelling and so on. Recently, other needle free alternatives to allergy shots have been examined; such as allergy tablets; also known as […]

coffee and asthma

Coffee and Asthma – What is the Connection?

Scientists have wondered how coffee might offer some benefit to asthma sufferers and now it would seem that there is something in the chemical structure of coffee that could help asthma sufferers. The chemical structure of coffee resembles theophylline, which is common medication for asthma sufferers. This medication helps to ease the airways and symptoms […]