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Allegra to Be Available over the Counter

Allegra to Be Available over the Counter

The FDA has recently approved the sale of allergy medication Allegra without prescription. This adds tothe list of anti allergy drugs that are available without prescription and over the counter and this formulation will be available without a doctor’s prescription beginning early March. Doctors however urge people not to self medicate when it comes to allergies; and to consult with a doctor each time, before takingallergy […]

allergic to orgasms

Allergic to Orgasms? Is That even Possible?

Apparently it is possible, and there is a recently identified condition that is responsible for this – it is called the Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome, or POIS which has been described in a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. This condition is characterized by the experiencing of certain symptoms after each ejaculation […]


Recent Facts And Figures Relating To Asthma

Asthma is a widespread condition all over the world and is seen to be an increasing trend. A recently released report by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics has the following facts and figures relating to asthma – Close to 25 million people in the united states; which is a little over 8 percent […]

asthma diet

Can Your Diet Protect You Against Asthma?

Researchers say that what you eat could well affect your as well as your children’s risk of having allergies and asthma. Though the findings are being called “too preliminary” to draw exact conclusions, diet could impact asthma and allergy risk. Though it is rather early to draw firm conclusions, zinc, vitamins A, D and E […]

chronic sinus problem

Know More About Chronic Sinus Problem to Avoid Complications

Are you suffering with chronic sinus problem? Affecting 30 to 40 million people in US, chronic sinus is long term inflammation of sinus cavities that makes health related life of the affected person miserable. Nasal congestion, throbbing pain in areas around eyes and cheeks are few symptoms of chronic sinus. If chronic sinus problem lasts […]