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cat allergy

Important Facts about Cat Allergy

Cat allergy in humans can be described as an allergic reaction produced by one or more allergens of cat. As per medical literature there are 5 allergens of cat that causes this kind of allergy; among which major allergens are secretoglobin, lipocalin. Cats are most common pets among those people who are suffering from pet […]

egg allergy

Food Restrictions if you have Egg Allergy

There are many people who suffer from egg allergy, which is a type of food allergy and hypersensitivity to egg whites or yolk. Many studies revealed that just after milk allergy, this is the second most prevalent type of food allergy faced by children. The first step towards prevention is diet restriction and you should […]

exercise for asthma patients

Simple Tips to Exercise for Asthma Patients

Asthma is a respiratory disorder that is experienced by large number of people these days. One of the major issues faced by the people suffering from asthma is to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle which includes exercise as well. Exercise can lead to breath shortness, coughing, wheezing and other problems in asthma patients and […]

pediatric nebulizers

Effective Tips for Using Nebulizer among Children

It is often seen that the allergy symptoms among children do not only stop with watery eyes and stuffy nose. If children suffer from asthma, they will often be exposed to breathing problem, which is extremely difficult for them to go through. When this is the problem, the doctors usually prescribe for a kind of […]

sulfite allergy

Symptoms and Treatment Options for Sulfite Allergy

Sulfites are known to be the sulfur-based compounds, which are mainly used as preservatives in food substances. This might cause some kind of reaction among a few people, which could further prove to be life threatening. Some food substances that consist of sulfite include jams, baked goods, pickled foods, canned vegetables, potato chips, vegetable juices, […]