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treat pet allergies naturally

How to Treat Pet Allergies Naturally?

Most of you must have pets and the obvious choice for these pets is either a dog or a cat or mostly furry animals. Some of you may even have birds and fishes and tarantulas as pets but the first two choices are the most common and they also come with a lot of skin […]

ways of treating asthma

Alternative Ways of Treating Asthma

When we talk of a non-drug treatment of curing asthma it is important to think of techniques of increasing the body’s ability to immune itself from the attacks. There have been many success stories in using these treatments though opinions vary across the globe regarding its efficacy. Below given are some of the alternative ways […]

solution to your asthma attacks

Yoga: A Solution to your Asthma Attacks

When you are suffering from coughing, wheezing and tightness in your chest after a brisk walk or a round of physical exercise you are probably suffering from a bronchial disorder called asthma. Its a misnomer to think that asthma patients should not exert at all. With the help of yoga you can actually find a […]

prepared for the allergy season

Tips to get Prepared for the Allergy Season

The arrival of spring season can get bothersome as it is the season of allergy for those who are sensitive to the affects of pollens after being cooped up during the period of winter season. When the flower starts to bloom you can experience runny nose as well as itchy eyes. As per the reports […]