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food allergy symptoms

7 Most Common Food Allergy Symptoms

Food allergies are those common types of allergies which are caused due to intake of certain foods which a person might be allergic to. The allergy leads to certain symptoms and even serious results in some of the cases. Thus it is important to identify which food has caused the allergy so that it can […]

steps to control childhood asthma

3 Steps to Control Childhood Asthma in your Kid

When a child is diagnosed with asthma, the situation can be scary not just for the child but also for the parents. Asthma is a lifelong condition which can affect life’s events and activities in many ways and is something which no one can totally cure. But, with some steps, parents can help control childhood […]

say goodbye to asthma triggers

Wish to Say Goodbye to Asthma Triggers? Find Out How

Asthma is a lifelong condition which can have different levels of affects and severity for different patients but still restricts each one of them from performing activities and engaging in tasks.  Asthma is triggered due to certain allergens, which may be different from different people. Not just for asthma patients but even for non-asthmatics, keeping […]

asthma treatment guidelines for the elderly

Asthma Treatment Guidelines For The Elderly

When certain elderly persons suffer from asthma, then its treatment or management can be very challenging.  This is so because older patients have a poorer perception of their asthmatic condition of the symptoms when compared to the younger persons.  Moreover the suppressed recognition and the tolerance of the symptoms also contribute to the increase in […]

air purifiers for control of airborne diseases

The Importance of Air Purifiers for Control of Airborne Diseases

Indoor pollution and the various types of particles found inside closed walls can be responsible for causing several types of breathing issues and airborne diseases such as respiratory conditions, asthma and allergies.  Some examples of these allergens include pollen, dander and dust particles. Not only should one try to remove all the irritant sources and […]