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tips to help a patient with asthma attack

Tips to Help a Patient with Asthma Attack

An asthma attack is an unexpected worsening of any of the asthma symptoms and it is caused when the muscles around the trachea gets tightened, a condition better known as bronchospasm.  The lining of the trachea may get swollen or inflamed during asthma and more than normal mucus is produced. Some of the common symptoms […]

tips to avoid allergies while travelling

Effective Tips to Avoid Allergies while Travelling

Travelling exposes you to numerous things that can bring on allergies and some of them can be really severe. Pollens, certain foods, birds, insects and even fruit bats can bring on allergies. Seasonal allergies usually happen at certain times of the year, and the most common symptoms of getting an allergic reaction is itchy nose […]