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Top 10 Asthma Inhaler Mistakes

Top 10 Asthma Inhaler Mistakes

Asthma patient should perform the correct procedure or correct sequence while using an asthma inhaler. The inhaled asthma medicine should reach the airways to work properly, many people do inhaler mistakes. Below discussed are few mistakes, we generally make, let us examine the details. Here are 10 common mistakes made when using a metered-dose inhaler […]

Top 10 Essential Oils for Asthma

Top 10 Essential oils for Asthma

Essential oils can help to open up airways, reduce the inflammation that causes asthma attacks, and more. The best thing is there are multiple essential oils that effectively treat asthma. Below discussed are few best choices out there.   Lavender oil Lavender oil helps to fight against airway inflammation and reduces the problems with breathing, […]