The Importance of Air Purifiers for Control of Airborne Diseases

Indoor pollution and the various types of particles found inside closed walls can be responsible for causing several types of breathing issues and airborne diseases such as respiratory conditions, asthma and allergies.  Some examples of these allergens include pollen, dander and dust particles.

Not only should one try to remove all the irritant sources and minimize the containment of the irritants but also consider the idea of indoor ventilation.  Some ways to keep the indoor air fresh and free of pollutants is to try out either filtration system of the house or install devices like air purifiers.

Air purifiers, filters and hepa filters can play a major role and an important role in cleaning the indoor air of not just dust particles but also other types of allergens as well.  This can thereby reduce the probability of causing respiratory diseases and other airborne conditions. The following will further stress on the importance of air purifiers for control of airborne diseases.

air purifiers for control of airborne diseases

  • The American Lung Association recommends the use of hepa filters or air purifiers for those who are suffering from asthma.  The air purifier works to eliminate all the possible asthma triggers, thereby reducing the severity of the condition.
  • Ionic filters and hepa filters have been recognized and recommended by several federations because these devices rely on negative ion attraction in order to collect the airborne allergens and particles.
  • The reason why air purifiers are so important is because they have the ability to capture rate of airborne allergens and other particles like pollen, tobacco smoke, dander as well as dust.  This thereby helps in improving the quality of the indoor air condition or environment.
  • Those air filters or purifiers that are made using fiberglass or electrically charged plates too help to reduce the pollutants found indoors.  These filters can be added to both cooling as well as heating systems.
  • By removing the harmful gases, odors and smoke, air purifiers totally clear the air of all kinds of pollutants and may remove the probability of asthmatic attacks that are caused due to odors and smoke/gases.

It is important to purchase the right quality and company of the air purifier. One must check all the features and only then make the purchase. The wrong purifier may not totally remove the allergens or may attack only a few varieties of air pollutants.


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