Get Allergy Relief By Controlling Pollen Allergies

pollen allergiesYou or your family members are facing allergic reactions from pollen allergies?

Till now you might have tried all the possible things to get relief from pollen allergies.

Here is something useful for you. Know about pollen development and period of pollen growth to protect you away from pollen.

If you are living in the area where the pollen percent is very high there will be many chances you to acquire pollen allergies.

Allergic to pollen will endure coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and other symptoms.

Pollen development:

  • One of the most obvious features of pollen allergies is, it is seasonal in nature. It comes from trees, plants, and weeds. The male genetic materials produce pollen from these natural sources.
  • The units that hold male genetics are known as grains. They have two surrounding walls to protect the grain.
  • Intine is the deepest region of grain that has thinning and delicate components. Exines are the external walls which have high acceptance to damage and are very thick.
  • Usually pollination occurs when pollen grains are transferred. Plants transfer pollen grains from one to another like anthers to male counter pars or organs. The male then transfers to astigma, which are called as female counterparts.
  • After transferring of pollen grains fertilization begins. The pollen then goes in to air and causes pollen allergies.
  • Each plant has some pollinating period. The development of pollen depends on the relative length of day and night.
  • In north locations pollen allergies season starts very late compared to other areas.
  • From local weather reports you can come to know how much pollen rate is in the air.
  • Pollen count is highest on humid, dry, and blowsy days. The count is lowest during chilly, wet periods.
  • The pollen concentration in an area depends on the population, land use, tree planting and cutting and industrialization.

Controlling pollen allergies:

  • Eliminate airborne irritants in the areas where you live.
  • You can control the pollen in the hoses but you can control pollen in the natural air.
  • Put allergy relief air filters to your bedroom and also in the areas where pollen rate is high. By using allergy relief air filter you can reduce pollen allergies to a great extent. [Allergy control methods]

Cereals, grains, weeds, grass and many come from pollen. Pollen produces from these natural elements in nature.

Cereal pollens cause less allergic reaction than weeds, because weeds produce higher volumes of pollen into the air. Weeds cause episodes of allergic reactions for those people who live in those areas.

The pollen allergies due to common weeds come from ragweed, buckhorn plantain, redroot pigweed, nettle, Western water hemps, sheep sorrel, thistle, lamp quarter and the burning bushes.

In North America and western hemisphere areas pollen allergies symptoms are very high.

Period of pollen growth:

During early spring season, the duration for pollen growth is February to march. During late spring season pollen comes in April and remains throughout June and July. In summer pollen growth is from June to august.

The period for ragweed growth is summer. In some areas ragweed grows in winter, and in some areas like South parts of California, Florida and Texas, ragweed will grow in the winter months.

Pollen is an outdoor irritant that affects many people. To get relief from pollen allergies you should learn in what areas there will be higher volumes of pollen and in what months pollen will develop.

If you live in northern parts of America don’t go outside during pollen season to avoid pollen allergies.



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