How To Control The Dust Mites Which Cause Dust Allergies?

Dust AllergiesDust allergy is the allergy obtained due to microscopic organism that lives in the dust.

These dust allergens are found in all dwellings and workplaces. There is no particular treatment for the allergy obtained due to dust.

Avoidance is one solution and in some cases your doctor may suggest or recommend for the usage of allergy medications and injections.

The factors which increase the risk of developing dust allergy are heredity, exposure and age.

There are more chances to develop dust allergy with in you, if it runs in your family.

There are lots of chances to develop dust allergy within you if you are exposed to high levels of dust mites. Most probably these allergy symptoms will be developed during childhood and early adulthood.

You have to seek medical advice when you experience with persistent wheezing, watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose. Allergy skin tests can help your doctor to determine whether you have dust allergy or not. There are more chances of developing complications due to asthma because of this dust allergy.

You can control the dust mites which cause dust allergy in the following ways:

  • Eliminate the dust catchers from certain areas where you like to spend most of the time. Instead of kapok or feather pillows try to use polyester fiberfill pillows because dust mites will stay mostly in feather pillows.
  • Most probably try to choose vinyl or wood floors for your house and cover them with washable rugs only. Try to avoid carpeting, however if you have carpeting, vacuum it thoroughly 1 to 2 times in a week.
  • If possible try to avoid venetian blinds and heavy curtains and use window shades instead of them. If the curtains are used, you must launder them periodically.
  • You have to keep your house clean. If you have dust allergy, wear a mask while cleaning your house or when you have to expose a lot to the dust.
  • Avoid macramé hangings, wall pennants, unnecessary pillows, books and magazines. The furniture which is present in your house should be made with wood, leather and plastic.
  • You have to keep your clothing in a closet with the door shut. Try to keep your house clear with out any dust.

These are some of the measures which helps you to avoid dust allergy.



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