How To Get Relief From Perennial Allergies?

perennial allergiesMany of you don’t know what perennial allergies are. They are nothing but year-round allergies.

Perennial allergies are caused by year-round allergens; the condition is termed as “perennial allergic rhinitis”.

Perennial allergies occur at any time of the year and may last year round. They are not related to the seasons and are usually triggered by indoor allergens. [Avoiding Allergy Triggers]

Causes of perennial allergies:

  • Perennial allergies are due to indoor allergens such as dust, mold, cockroaches, and pet dander or animal dander. Cockroaches have hidden allergens that cause allergies [Controlling allergy causes].
  • These allergies are mostly due to house dust. House dust may contain many particles like mold, animal dander, insect stings, dust mites, fungal spores and fibers.
  • House dust may present in the house year round. When you spend most of the time during winter in houses it causes more severe symptoms.
  • When eye medications or remedies are used to relax eye conditions, conjunctivitis can occur. The things used for face makeup such as eyeliner, face powder, are also causes of conjunctivitis. Hair dyes, tints and the chemicals used to clean the contact lenses can also cause conjunctivitis to occur.

Symptoms of perennial allergies:

  • Perennial allergies cause conjunctivitis, dry mouth, runny nose, stuffy nose, headaches, dry throat, watery eyes, and so on.
  • When a person is suffering with year-round allergies, there are many chances of acquiring asthma without knowing it.
  • Rhinitis is the most general symptoms of perennial allergies. When you have eye contact with allergens, it can cause conjunctivitis to occur.
  • Perennial allergies can cause itchiness, especially around the nose. The mouth roof may feel itchy or dry. The throat region also feels itchy. Itching may start gradually or abruptly.
  • Sometimes the condition causes stuffiness and sneezing. Chronic stuffed up nose can occur from perennial allergies.
  • They cause swelling due to incorrect inflammatory reactions. The tube that connects the center ear to the nose near the back could swell due to these allergies.
  • Most of the people who are suffering with perennial allergies can also have asthma.

Side effects due to swelling:

  • This condition will damage the hearing ability of human beings especially in children.
  • Chronic sinusitis is the symptom of swelling.
  • When swelling occurs nasal polyps often grow inside the nose. This condition is due to inflammatory allergic reactions.
  • These symptoms cause watery and itchy eyes which affects the eyelids. The white part of the eyes become red and eyelids may swell.

Perennial allergies prevention:

  • Dust is the main cause for perennial allergies, so you have to learn some tips to keep your home free of dust.
  • Avoid spending more time in house during winter season.
  • It is easier to reduce dust by using blinds in your home rather than using sunglasses and long curtains.
  • Install high efficient air purifiers in your house to control humidity and also to keep dust mites and dust down. Air conditioners can be used to avoid dust.
  • Keep in mind that overuse of air conditioners can develop mold particles which can cause allergies.
  • Cover the mattresses and pillows with finely natural fabrics that cannot be penetrated by dust mites and allergen particles.
  • People with perennial allergies also can suffer with seasonal allergies. You should require an ongoing treatment to control perennial allergies.


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