Pollen Robots Warn Japanese Allergy Sufferers To Stay Indoors

pollen allergyIn Japan, the widespread presence of cedar trees means that hay fever, an allergic reaction to pollen is a major dilemma.

On a clear day, you can actually see clouds of pollen floating above the branches of the trees, in the forest.

A weather company called Weather News has come up with a novel aid for allergy sufferer in the form of a robot. [Pollen allergies]

These globe shaped objects are dotted around the country and display the levels of pollen by changing color. This then warns citizens when to stay indoors or when it is safe to go out.

The population of Tokyo is very keen on these machines because there the pollen levels are at their worst. The latest version of these globe shaped machines, are much smaller than previous models.

The technology is being improved on constantly, which is natural, as Japan does like to develop new idea especially in this type of field.

Along with display of the pollen count, the machines also collect data, transmitting temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure to the company’s headquarters.

This is then regenerated and available to the public on the internet. It is also possible to sign up for regular updates to be sent to your mobile phone.

The five hundred bots can detect pollen levels and scale them from one for low through to a five rating that is the very highest.

Their appearance is more like an old fashioned fluorescent and they certainly sounds much more interesting than they actually look like. However, they are a great asset to allergy sufferer and an innovative idea.



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