Tips to Prevent Spring Allergy

Spring is the time when trees and flowers start to bloom, which affects the allergy sufferers and leads to uncontrollable sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose etc. Over 35 million people suffer from seasonal allergy every year, although it is not a serious disease but it’s better to treat it immediately to avoid the irritability. Seasonal allergies originate from airborne pollens, a very fine form of powder released by trees.

Tips to Prevent Spring Allergy

Seasonal allergies can be prevented with proper planning, effort and precautionary measure. If you want to enjoy natural outdoors or picnics during the spring months as well, you can adhere to the few enlisted steps to avoid spring allergies.

  • To get relief form spring allergy you can use antihistamines drugs. These drugs are quiet operative in reducing seasonal allergies such as scratchy throat, itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and so on. Recent formulations (like Claritin) of these drugs do not have any side effects; while the previous versions did have some like drowsiness.
  • To avoid spring allergies you have to close your doors and windows to combat pollens and outdoor molds from entering. Even if you are tempted to the nice weather of spring outside and eager to open your windows to let the fresh air in, control yourself and switch on your air-conditioner.
  • Pollen counts are very high especially from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the morning. Hence you should avoid of going outdoors to prevent spring allergies. If any necessity arises you should opt for mask and take proper protection.
  • Closing your car windows while travelling; this will help you to keep away from pollens and dusts.
  • Clothes and hair collect pollens. Consequently you should take shower and change your clothes frequently during this season; especially once you come from outdoors.
  • Vacuuming your home twice a week can inhibit seasonal allergies. Try to wear mask while cleaning as well because pollens can kick you while cleaning as well. Vacuum with a HEPA filter is recommended to use to drive away pollens.
  • Try to keep away your pets away from bed and other furniture. If you are a pet lover then you need to vacuum your pet as well to avoid transferring of pollens to your beddings and carpets.
  • Pollen which is the main culprit of seasonal allergies is prone to cling to clothes hanging outside you home. Hence try to use dryer instead of hanging laundry outside to dry. Otherwise you can invest indoor clothesline for this time of the season.
  • Intake of vitamin D will assist you in preventing spring allergies. Children who have lack of vitamin D are prone to spring allergies. Experts recommend adults to take 800 to 1,000 IUs per day to be healthy.
  • Home deodorizing products help to minimize the effects of pollens. It helps to emit those particles that cause irritation to your nose and eyes. Combining orange slices and cloves with simmering water and keeping them in pockets within your indoor area not only makes it smell fresh but also eliminates pollens.
  • You should change the filter of your furnace and air-condition every three months to reduce inhaling of allergens. Filters block 85 % of these allergic particles.

Even if these measures do not work, please consult your doctor for further medications.

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