Suggested Strategies To Combat Early Spring Allergies

spring allergiesAllergy sufferers are well aware of how allergies work: it is the body’s defense mechanism coming to the fore in the case of innocuous stimuli being seen as harmful and triggering a reaction.

The number of allergy sufferers are increasing and not going down and here are some strategies about what you can do in the case of early spring allergies that are starting to make their presence felt just about now. Some strategies to combat those allergies:

  • Hydrotherapy could help with allergy symptoms such as clearing congestion. It helps to increase blood flow and is therefore useful.
  • Several homeopathic remedies, particularly those such as homeopathic eye drops can be useful for treating allergic symptoms.
  • The inflammatory response of the body to an allergy trigger can be soothed by herbal teas such a nettle and others as well.
  • Stress on hygiene both physical as well as around the house.
  • Food consumed and diet should also be looked at to identify triggers.
  • Long term strategies to combat allergy include not only changes in diet, but also other lifestyle changes to reduce stress which can be an allergy trigger.


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