Symptoms and Treatment Options for Sulfite Allergy

Sulfites are known to be the sulfur-based compounds, which are mainly used as preservatives in food substances. This might cause some kind of reaction among a few people, which could further prove to be life threatening.

Some food substances that consist of sulfite include jams, baked goods, pickled foods, canned vegetables, potato chips, vegetable juices, tea, apple cider etc.

sulfite allergy

Sulfite allergies mainly affect asthma patients; but if consumed in large amounts it can even make a normal person sick. Sulfite allergy can occur if you eat foods or beverages that contain sulfite in great amounts; or even by inhaling the sulfite vapors or fumes.

There are many kinds of medications to treat this condition – either by inhaled medicines or through intravenous drugs. Studies are still conducted to understand how sulfites actually affect reactions in some people.

Symptoms of Sulfite Allergy

The common symptoms faced by the people suffering from sulfite allergy include swelling on face, throat, tongue and mouth. It will also lead to drop in blood pressure and hives. Anaphylaxis is known to be a severe and a life threatening reaction, which will need immediate medical assistance. Sometimes it may also lead to fever, arthritis, headache, rashes and skin eruptions.

Treatment options for Sulfite Allergy

Most of the times, medications will usually be prescribed to the patients who go through sulfite allergies. The treatment options would most of the times range from breathing systems to the inhalers. Asthma medication could also be advised at times.

Finding the right way of medication considering the symptoms are always essential. Before you go for any kind of treatment, it is essential that you visit a doctor. A few treatment options for sulfite allergy are mentioned below.

Vitamin C

This is a nature’s protective nutrient and is extremely essential for the sake of defending body against any kind of infection or pollution. It assists by enriching the immunity system. For getting treated for the problem of sulfite allergy, it is advised that you consume 1,000 to 5,000 mg of it on a daily basis.


Popularly known as flavonoids these are powerful antioxidants and help in reducing inflammation and will also help in boosting the immune system. The blood vessels will be strengthened with its intake and the blood circulation will also be improved.

Quercitin is well-known for the ability of releasing the histamines, which prevents the allergic symptoms. It is advised to consume 500 mg, twice a day as a part of the treatment.


This will assist in the absorption of the Quercetin and is advised to take 100 mg, twice on a daily basis.

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