The Best Ways to Minimize Indoor Allergies

Allergies are not just caused outside the house but even at home. The tiny little allergens could be present anywhere and may trigger allergic reactions if you don’t stay away from them. Even at home, all possible efforts must be made to minimize allergies and this can be done by eliminating possible allergens from your surroundings. The following are some of the top ways to minimize indoor allergies:

best ways to minimize indoor allergiesManaging Dust Mites

One of the most common allergen present at home is a dust mite.  Dust mites are microscopic creatures which can be present on the bed, the upholstery and even in the carpets and to minimize allergies caused by them, one must wash the bedding regularly, get the carpets cleaned using vacuuming or washing and dust off the upholstery every day.

Stay Away from Pet Dander

Another common allergen which can cause indoor allergies is pet dander. If you have pets at home, then you must make it a point to clean the indoors thoroughly on a regular basis as pet dander can cause sneezing, itching, watery eyes and wheezing.  Do not allow pets on beds and sofas and vacuum carpets and other upholstery regularly.  Also, don’t bathe the pets too frequently as this can cause their skin to dry and hence increase the dander.

Clean Kitchen and Bathroom Mold

Another way to keep yourself away from indoor allergies is to keep the kitchen and bathroom mold at bay.  Run a dehumidifier in order to prevent mold from building up and also make it a point not to leave the surfaces in kitchen and bathroom surfaces wet or damp.

Avoid Indoor Pollen

Pollen can also be found at homes due to the presence of indoor plants and open windows. This is why many people catch the pollen allergy even at home. To avoid this, make sure that you avoid opening up the windows unnecessarily and change your clothes when you come from outside.

Prevent Cockroaches from Making Home Indoors

The presence of cockroaches too can cause allergies and may lead to reactions such as itchy eyes, scratchy throat and skin rashes.  Cockroaches can also lead to severe asthma symptoms and thus it is best to keep all those surfaces clean where cockroaches are mostly spotted such as the kitchen surfaces, around the fridge, near the stove and under the tables. If the problem doesn’t stop, call an exterminator.


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