Allergy Asthma At Work Place!

allergy asthmaSome jobs can cause allergy asthma. Allergy asthma is caused by dust mites or fumes.

Allergy asthma caused at work place due to dust mites and fumes is called occupational asthma.

All jobs which cause allergy asthma involve dust mites, fumes or vapor although the amount of air you breathe is so small that you don’t realize or expect any trouble.

The good news to you is if your job is the cause of your allergy asthma, then it will disappear when you stop breathing any of the dust mites or fumes which caused it and provided you have to get it treated earlier.

The bad news to you is if your work causes allergy asthma and if you are carrying that work longer without stopping or without treatment, you will get permanent allergy asthma even if you stop the work later and completely avoid fumes, vapor and dust mites.

Many people carry on with their work because no one notices the connection of allergy asthma with work or sometimes it becomes impossible to change or leave the job. In such cases, your health is the primary factor to suffer. At these times you can follow some tips to control your allergy asthma.

If job is the reason for your asthma, there may be some people with asthma for the same reason at your work place in the industry but no one notices the connection between them.

If you think that the work caused allergy asthma, the expense of improving working conditions may mean there will be few jobs or in some cases no jobs at all.

Diagnosis of occupational asthma seems to turn most employers off hiring you in the future.

If your allergy asthma is always better at weekends and holidays, then something at work is causing it and you may have occupational asthma.

Causes of occupational asthma:

  1. Working with animals
  2. Working with chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  3. Working in dusts and fumes
  4. Enzymes in washing detergents
  5. Epoxy resin molding
  6. Platinum refining
  7. Paints, polyurethane paints and plastic molding
  8. Wood dusts
  9. Textile dyes

Diesel fumes and substances with nasty smell don’t seem to cause asthma but there is evidence that they may cause allergic reactions to your nose.

If your allergy asthma is due to work, you can remove the cause. If your allergy asthma is due to work, it means others also can get the allergy asthma as they are also working with you. The discovery helps a lot of people including your employer from allergy asthma.

If the occupational asthma is discovered early, then work environment can be improved and treatment for asthma should be taken and the result of which is complete cure of occupational asthma.

But if allergy asthma is discovered after many years of working with the offending materials, you are likely to get permanent allergy asthma and it may be mild or severe.

Allergy asthma is common that most people with asthma in work place have for one or the other reason and not because of their job. Therefore it is difficult to determine who really have occupational asthma.

If you think that you are affected with occupational asthma, then consult the doctor to take the treatment as soon.



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