Are You Aware Of Allergy Induced Asthma?

Allergy Induced AsthmaAllergy induced asthma is one of the most common forms of asthma. Almost 50% of all adults and 90% of kids are affected with this allergic asthma.

When ever you are exposed to the substances to which your body is sensitive, called allergens, your body immune system produces histamines.

Histamines are responsible in causing inflammations and allergies to your body.

In allergy induced asthma, these histamines mainly affect your bronchial passages and lungs due to which you can feel difficulty in breathing and respiration.

Is asthma linked with allergies?

Allergies are considered as the main sources for asthma. If you have allergic asthma, then inhaling allergen substances like pollen, dust mites which are invisible, molds and animal dander can mainly cause the inflammation.

When these allergens enter into the respiratory organs of your body, they will immediately try to trigger the inflammation with swelling of air passages, leading to asthma.

The linings of the nose are similar to the lining of your airways and these passages are more prone to the allergic inflammatory process. When the allergens enter into your body, immune system responds immediately and releases IGE antibodies.

These IGE antibodies are mainly responsible for the adverse allergic reactions like scratchy eyes, tightening of air passages and also itchy skin.

Apart from allergic asthma, the other forms and triggers of asthma include excessive exercises; some of non allergic infections like cold are also responsible for causing asthma.

How to protect your self and your children from allergy induced asthma?

  • Try to be cautious whenever you are doing outside work like gardening. Raking and gardening can stimulate pollens [Controlling Pollen Allergies] and molds. If you are working in a yard, remember to wear a filter mask. This mask will prevent the pollen and mold to enter into your lungs by filtering process. Wearing a mask is really very useful in reducing the risk of allergy induced asthma.
  • Try to avoid electronic air purifiers in your houses, as they can create ozone. Inhaling ozone is very dangerous for your body’s air passages. A HEPA air cleaner works very effectively in removing the dust and smoke from your room provided your fan is ON. The only disadvantage with these air cleaners is they can’t reduce the exposure of your house from dust mites.[Dust Mite Allergy]
  • If you have pets, then regular allergen skin testing is highly recommended for better protection towards allergy induced asthma. Every one of you might love pets, but if they are allergic to your body, then it is very essential to keep them out doors or try to keep pet house for them. At least try to avoid pets in your bed room.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary outside work when pollen count is more in the atmosphere and also remember to keep your windows and doors closed.
  • Dust mites are invisible and mainly reside on the carpet, pillow covers and bed sheets. So, try to clean them regularly in order to avoid allergies.


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