Asthma Allergy Effect On Americans!

asthma allergyMore Americans are suffering from allergies and asthma.

Because of the present day pollution it is very difficult to deal with allergies and asthma.

60 percent of the American people are suffering with asthma allergy.

Most of the babies are being born with asthma allergy. Babies can inherit asthma symptoms from their mothers.

Effects of asthma allergy:

The main effect of asthma is on lungs. Signs of asthma include severe breathing problems and the blockage of air flow. The muscles that surround the airway compress the path and block it. Blocking of the airway causes swelling, excess mucus and irritation. These symptoms narrow down the airway causing wheezing and coughing during the attack.

Asthma allergy affects your daily tasks and your children are missing more and more schools because of this disease. There is no cure for asthma allergy, only medications can help you to relieve the symptoms [Astma medications].

Most of you cannot realize asthma until you experience the symptoms. The most common asthma symptoms are:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness during exercise

Link between allergies and asthma:

In simple terms, allergies can cause asthma. If you have allergic asthma and you are breathing the air which consists of pollen, mold, dust, and animal dander then it causes inflammation and swelling of the airways, leading to symptoms of asthma. Asthma will become very harmful and sometimes it leads to death.

Treatment for asthma allergy:

Some medications help to relieve from asthma allergy. These medications help to unblock the airways and reduce inflammation. You can use some quick relief medications to get immediate relief.

Flu shots for asthma allergy: Flu shot is extremely helpful for people with asthma allergy. Your flu symptoms will become severe if you are suffering with asthma and the virus attack can cause pneumonia. Flu shot is a vaccine grown inside the skin.

Clean environment for asthma allergy relief: Clean home environment is the best way to get relief from asthma allergy. Maintaining clean home will eliminate lots of pollen content in the air that you are breathing.

You can use cleaning supplies to keep your home environment clean and keep the allergens down to protect yourself from asthma allergy.

Air filters help to keep clean home and give relief for your asthma allergy symptoms. Air conditioners can be used to clean the air before it gets into your home. Avoid increased use of air conditioners because they produce moisture and mold develop in moisture.

If you are suffering with asthma allergy, it is better to keep some kind of air filter in your bedroom. It allows you to breath in more clean and crisp air for a longer period of time.

You need to avoid those allergens which cause symptoms of asthma allergy. Be aware of very hot areas. Medications help to reduce inflammation and are effective to reduce allergic rhinitis, asthma allergy and non-allergic asthma.

Corticosteroids reduce inflammation, corticosteroid sprays reduce inflammation from hay fever, and corticosteroids creams when applied on your skin reduce the inflammation of eczema.



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