Depression/Stress And Allergy/Asthma May Be Interlinked

Two separate studies have shown how the conditions of allergies and asthma are related to risk of depression:

According to one study conducted by the department of psychiatry at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine in Baltimore, allergy sufferers are more prone to worsening mood, cognition and quality of life.

work stressIn spring as well as fall there is a spike in the amount of allergy causing pollen in the air, and it is these times of year that also experience corresponding spikes in suicide rates.

The researchers found that allergic people with mood disorders experienced a worsening of their mood condition when exposed to the allergen.

In another study reported by Reuters, work stress is seen to increase asthma risk. Stress can contribute to a number of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and depression as well, and now it would seem that it increases the risk of developing asthma later as well.

Those who had high levels of work stress were twice as likely to develop asthma according to the study. While the work stress itself may not be the sole culprit, there is enough evidence to suggest that chronic stress may contribute to asthma development in some people.



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