How To Gain Better Control Of Your Asthma Allergies?

Asthma AllergiesAsthma allergies are the most serious conditions that affect all of us at some point in our lives.

About 20 million Americans are suffering from asthma allergies.

Sometimes in some of you asthma allergies can also come due to some hereditary factors.

Anyone at any age, height, and weight is at a risk of acquiring the disease.

Asthma allergies are conditions that mainly affect the lungs. It causes the lung airways to swell, secret thick mucus and eventually spasm. This swelling narrows your airways that make your breathing difficult and sometimes impossible.

The first attack with asthma allergies include wheezing, chest congestion or chest pain, difficulty breathing, dryness of mouth, coughing and feverish feeling.

Most reactions of asthma allergies can cause from respiratory infections, emotional stress, strenuous exercise, or nutritional deficiency. Asthma allergies are due to environmental allergens like pollen, mold, pesticides, natural gas odors, and cigarette smoke.

Some of the foods that most likely trigger asthma alleries are corn, chocolates, dairy products, and peanuts. Asthma allergies are also promoted by taking antibiotics, hormones, or tranquilizers.

To manage asthma allergies you can take a number of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Among which vitamin B is the most important intake. It helps in maintaining chemical balance in your body and can also reduce the severity of an asthma attack. Vitamin A and E help in protecting your lungs from air pollution.

Prescription medications for asthma allergies:

Antihistamines: They help to reduce redness and swelling. They can be available in the forms of liquids, sprays, pills and drops.

Nasal sprays: They help to reduce runny nose and sneezing. It takes time to get relief. Nasal sprays work in part by preventing inflammatory cells from releasing their inflammatory content.

Combination drugs: These drugs are more suitable for those who are regularly using two different inhalers. For example, you can use combivent.

Leukotriene receptor antagonists: Leukotriene modifiers can be used to treat asthma allergies and rhinitis. It helps to prevent asthma attacks both day and night, and is also used to prevent asthma attacks brought on by exercise.

Non steroidals: These are anti-inflammatory medications used to reduce mild to moderate asthma symptoms. For example, tilade can be used.

Bronchodilators: Used to prevent wheezing, shortness of breathe, and difficulty breathing. They help effectively in preventing asthma allergies.

Natural remedies for asthma allergies:

Buteyko: It involves breathing exercises and is very helpful for asthmatic patients.

Herbs: Most of the herbs are used to treat asthma allergies and they are giving effective results. Depending on the severity of asthma symptoms, herbs can reduce or eliminate the need for the synthetic drugs and inhalers. For example, biovent works effectively for chronic asthma attack and allergy symptoms.

Naturopathy: Naturopathic medicines work on the belief that they make natural and well balanced system. With this your body can tolerate with allergens and won’t cause any serious conditions.

If you want to use prescription medications to control asthma allergies then you should consult your doctor for better results and for natural remedies you need to visit an alternative health provider.



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