How To Get Quick Relief For Allergy And Asthma?

allergy and asthmaDo you have the problem of both allergy and asthma? Do you know that you can have an allergy and asthma free life? You can get this by practicing yoga.

Allergy and asthma can be reduced over 60 percent by practicing yoga.

Yoga helps to decrease many disorders like hey fever, allergy and asthma.

The respiratory system performs important role in the human body.

It consists of nose, lungs, sinuses, and mouth. Any damage to the respiratory system can cause the lack of oxygen supply in the body.

Allergies are triggered by allergens and often affect the respiratory system.

Symptoms of allergy and asthma:

  • Allergy and asthma causes awakenings during night, difficulty in breathing, since the condition causes suffocation.
  • They affect chest, throat, and breathing, and cause a person to feel stuffy.
  • Allergies cause sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, running, aching head, and so on.
  • Allergy and asthma affect millions of people each year. They cause difficulty in breathing and causing them to grasp for air.
  • Asthma affects the respiratory system and also it affects the bronchial and pulmonary areas.
  • Asthma affects lungs and causes inflammation to attack the airway, then the person will wheeze, and struggle to breathe.
  • Asthma causes some diseases such as flare-ups, swelling, muscle tightness, and coughing.
  • An asthma patient diagnosed for the disease has symptoms of swelling, which creates shallow breathing. Breathing will become very difficult for you.
  • Asthma is also called as pneumonia and can cause a person to grasp for air.

Most of the people are born with asthma. As they mature, the symptoms of asthma will decrease.

Most of the time the condition may turns to allergies. Environmental irritants are responsible for allergy and asthma attacks. For some people these asthmatic symptoms will continue life long.

Asthma may include mild symptoms. This symptom causes severe conditions. These conditions are life threatening reactions. Asthma symptoms require regular medical observation and treatment.

Allergy and asthma affects millions of people each day. Still, many researches are going to find relief for these diseases. Annually more than 100,000 people are suffering from allergy and asthma.

Allergy and asthma relief:

  • The best way to prevent allergic reactions is to avoid contact with allergens.
  • With the yoga practice the overall health and local resistance in respiratory system is increased. Due to this the tolerance to infection is increased.
  • Yoga is a healing agent and also it is a great and effective stress management technique. Yoga practice involves, exercises for natural breathing.
  • Breathing exercises help you to take control of your respiratory system, complete body and mind.
  • Yoga helps you to relax and control your mind and emotions. This gives control to allergy and asthmatic reaction.
  • Yoga gives a great relief to allergy and asthma. You have to visit your doctor regularly to continue relief.
  • You can use some prescribed medications to treat allergy and asthma.
  • You should need yoga and other healthy activities into your daily life to avoid side effects from allergic-based drugs.
  • Herbs and natural supplements can be used to treat allergy and asthma. Recent studies confirmed that some of the natural herbs and supplements caused severe side effects.


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