Allegra to Be Available over the Counter

The FDA has recently approved the sale of allergy medication Allegra without prescription. This adds tothe list of anti allergy drugs that are available without prescription and over the counter and this formulation will be available without a doctor’s prescription beginning early March.

Doctors however urge people not to self medicate when it comes to allergies; and to consult with a doctor each time, before takingallergy medication.

allegra-allergyMeanwhile research regarding asthma as revealed that salty snacks increase risk of children developing asthma. Research published in the Journal of the AmericanDiabetic Association revealed that children who consume salty snacks more than three times a week are almost six times more likely to have asthma symptoms.

This risk is seen to increase due to high sodium content of food, increasing the risk of bronchial hyper-responsiveness and wheezing symptoms in children.

What was also seen to increase asthma risk was TV viewing and playing video games for more than two hours a day, since this promotes sedentary behavior – another aspect of asthma risk.

Though researchers are saying that the link between salt consumption and asthma risk is not yet established, there is enough reason to avoid salt laden snacks for kids in any case.



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