Allergy Home Remedies: Safe And Efficient For Allergy Treatment!

Allergy Home RemediesAre you suffering with allergies? Allergies can also be treated with simple allergy home remedies, without using any drugs or medicines.

Simple allergy home remedies:

There are many methods to cure allergies, which are caused due to different allergens. Home remedies are always safe and best suited to cure all kinds of diseases.

Allergy home remedies don’t have any side effects and they are very helpful in treating all kinds of allergies.

Some of the important home remedies for allergies are mentioned below. So, just try to follow these useful methods for treating allergies.

  • Allergy home remedy using potatoes: Potatoes are useful for us in many ways like, they are used in cosmetics, salads, soups, for cooking purposes and also used in the treatment of allergy. Take a tub full of lukewarm water. Add four table spoons of melted potato flour. Apply this solution on the affected areas of the skin and stay still for about 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure twice in a day regularly, till the symptoms of allergy disappear.
  • Home remedy for allergy using basil leaves: Basil treatment is one of the best allergy home remedies. The leaves of basil are used for dressings, cooking purposes and also used in allergy treatment. Take five to six leaves of basil and chop them well and put them in a blender. Make the paste of basil leaves and apply this paste on the allergy rashes. Leave it for some time and wash your skin with warm water.
  • Allergy treatment with lime: Lime treatment for allergy is also one of the best allergy home remedies. Take one lemon and squeeze the juice into a glass full of lukewarm water. Add one table spoon of honey to the lemon juice. Take this solution with empty stomach in the morning. Repeat this procedure regularly for a couple of months. This will improve the immunity system in your body.
  • Vegetable juices for allergy treatment: Vegetables and juices extracted from vegetables are very helpful in allergy treatment. Taking a 500ml of carrot juice or the combination of carrot, beet root and cucumber regularly, can keep you away from allergies.

Easy tips to get temporary relief from allergy:

  • Try to rinse your eyes with clean and cool water when ever you feel itchiness and irritation in your eyes. This remedy may not give you permanent result, but it is very helpful in giving immediate relief.
  • Try to wear glasses when you go out on a windy day when the pollen count is high in the atmosphere. This allergy home remedy can help you in protecting your eyes from harmful allergens.
  • Rinse your nose with saline solutions when ever you feel irritation. This remedy can help you in removing the irritants that are blocked in the nose and are responsible for the inflammation.

These tips can give only temporary relief but homemade remedies for allergy may help you treating the inflammations permanently. So, try these tips for allergy treatment and make yourself free from allergy.



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