Are You Worried About Seasonal Allergies? Few Natural Remedies!

Seasonal AllergiesDon’t be in the false intuition that you are the one suffering with seasonal allergies.

Most of the people now-a-days are worried about the allergies which are caused due to the changes in weather and atmosphere.

Spring and fall, apart from being the most wonderful times in the year, these are the two main periods responsible for seasonal allergies.

Itchy and red eyes, sneezing, running nose, wheezing and watery eyes are some of the symptoms of seasonal allergies. It is always necessary for you to learn how to fight against these seasonal allergies.

Natural treatment for seasonal allergies:

There are number of methods available to overcome seasonal allergies. Some of the natural remedies include:

Butterbur: This is the name given to a shrub which has huge leaves. Though the plant is toxic, some of the studies have proven that butter bur is very effective in treating allergic symptoms.

Quercetin: This herbal supplement is very efficient in reducing sinus pain and congestion.

Echinacea: This supplement can be useful for you in the prevention of cold. But, some times it can worsen seasonal allergies.

Omega-3 fatty acids: Contents of these fatty acids like walnuts, salmon and tuna can help you in treating allergies. Daily intake of these foods can be helpful for you in preventing allergies.

Fruits and vegetables: Eating anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables can help you in treating seasonal allergies. Onions, bananas and apples have anti-inflammatory properties which will help you in the development of your body’s immune system.

Nasal mists: Salt water sprays are useful in removing the pollens and other triggers of allergy from your nose and decrease the need for medication.

Garlic: It has more anti bacterial and anti viral properties which will help you in fighting against seasonal allergies caused by bacteria and yeast.

Peppermint: This will not only help you in protecting your self from allergies but it is also useful in promoting sense of relaxation and contentment in you. Peppermint is mainly found in teas, drops and oils.

Vitamin C: Taking vitamin C contents in your daily diet is one of the tasty ways to prevent seasonal allergies. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries are rich in vitamin C and also leafy green vegetables are the main sources for vitamin C.

Bioflavonoid: Green peppers, cherries, blueberries, white parts of citrus fruits and grapes are rich in bioflavonoids. Regular intake of these products can help you in avoiding allergies.

Fatty acids: Fish and flaxseed oil contain larger amounts of fatty acids. These fatty acids can help you in protecting yourself from allergy triggers like pollens.

Water: Last but not the least, drinking more water will not only improve the hydration process of your mucous membrane tissues but it is also more useful for the proper functioning of your body organs.



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