Gift Ideas For Allergy Sufferers Part I

Allergy SufferersAllergies can be notoriously difficult to live with, and if you decide to take a little care and give a little thought to the kind of gift you want to give an allergy sufferer, it may just be highly appreciated:

Gift a Plant: A plant is an excellent gift in any case, a living breathing thing and lovely to look at.

For an allergy sufferer it is particularly a good idea because plants are natural air purifiers which will likely clear the air of allergens and airborne toxins.

Plants such as rubber, spider plants, and lilies are the sort of house plants that will make great gifts for an allergy sufferer since they are particularly effective in clearing the air of potential allergens.

So, when gifting a plant, you are also gifting an air purifier, all rolled into one! Be careful though that the recipient of the gift is not allergic to the plant itself!

Hypoallergenic Stuffed Toys: For any parent with an asthmatic child, a thoughtful toy or gift such as this is an excellent idea. Only a parent who has an asthmatic child knows how scary an attack [asthma attack] can be, and those who are thoughtful enough to get a gift to reduce chances of an attack will be much appreciated. So pick hypoallergenic stuffed toys for an asthmatic child; many stuffed toys are known asthma triggers.



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