How A Neti Pot Can Help Out With Allergies?

Sort of like Aladdin’s lamp, the Neti pot has its root in Indian yogic traditions of Jala neti. This is a system of nasal irrigation that uses a saline solution to clean the nasal tracts and can be useful in treating conditions such as sinuses, colds and several allergic reactions as well.

The neti pot works basically using a saline solution that is poured into the nose, which is known to stimulate the sinuses located there. This helps to clear out the mucus.

As superior hygiene such as frequent washing of an area of the body can keep infection and certain allergic reactions at bay, similarly, the cleansing of the nasal canals using a neti pot can also help.

Using the neti pot involves using saline water and pouring it down one nostril and then doing the same with the other nostril. What it does is it cleanses the nasal passages of environmental pollutants and irritants that can cause allergic reactions.

Many people who have successfully used neti pots for their allergies claim that this is a solution more effective than over the counter medications even. It is a natural and easy solution, which has no side effects or harmful effects, so there may be no harm in trying it out?



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