How Allergy Remedies Help To Cure Allergies? Side Effects With Allergy Remedies!

Allergy RemedyAllergy remedies help you to get relief depending on the type of your allergy symptom.

Apart from allergy medications you can use natural and herbal remedies to get relief.

Recent studies confirmed that allergy remedies such as medications and over-the-counter medications are increasing allergy symptoms, asthma, and other related diseases.

Common Allergy Remedies:

  • Allergy medications
  • Natural allergy remedies
  • Herbal allergy remedies

Allergy medications:

There are many types of medications available to treat your allergies. Over 50 percent of the people take prescription medication and 35 percent of the people take over-the-counter medications for allergy relief.

The most commonly prescribed allergy medications are oral antihistamines. They relieve allergy symptoms by blocking the histamines which cause allergies. The older antihistamines such as Benadryl and Chlortrimeton can cause drowsiness.

The newer antihistamines cause less drowsiness and are often referred as “nonsedating”. Some of the newer antihistamines are allegra, Claritin, and Clarinex.The medication bronchodilator works as an inhaler, which has an albuterol and beta-based agonist medication to treat allergies and asthma.

Inhaler opens the blocked airways so that you can breathe freely.Doctors often prescribe. This medication gives relief from irritations that come from infections, such as allergies and asthma. The most commonly prescribed medication is Prednisone.

Effects due to overusing allergy medications:

  • Over use of allergy remedies such as medications can cause drowsiness.
  • Over usage of inhalers cause more severe problems. Due to overuse this medication stops doing its things and it causes you to have frequent attacks.
  • These allergy remedies can cause damage to the bones. In some instances glaucoma is affected.
  • Weight gains when taking these medications and also causes changes in the hormones.
  • Dependency is another problem that occurs when taking these drugs.

Natural Allergy Remedies:

  • One of the best natural allergy remedies is practicing yoga. Yoga teaches you to breathe naturally.
  • Diet, exercise, yoga and acupuncture are the best natural allergy remedies.
  • Nutritional supplements help to strengthen the body’s immune system and also support the body’s functions.
  • The most popular natural allergy remedies are vitamins. Vitamin C with quercitin helps to neutralize histamine reactions and gives you allergy relief. Vitamin A acts as anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Magnesium helps to relieve bronchospasm.
  • Vitamin B12 reduces inflammatory responses.
  • Consume vitamin E on a daily basis for about 4-6 weeks. This vitamin contains anti allergy properties. It is the best home remedy for allergy.

Herbal Allergy Remedies:

  • Herbal remedies are generally considered as safe. These are the important addition to your natural allergy remedies.
  • Herbs can work as natural antihistamines or decongestants. Some of the herbal remedies are “Marshmallow Root, Mullein, Eyebright, Stinging Nettle Rosemary, White Pine and Capsicum”.
  • These herbs can be used to get relief from irritation of mucous membranes, cough, asthma, respiratory conditions, hay fever, chest congestion, and cold.

Products that can be used as allergy remedies:

  • Dehumidifiers and humidifiers are the allergy products than can help to get relief.
  • Hepa air purifiers are designed to purify the air. This filter helps to reduce dust mites, dust, mold, mildew, pollen and so on that cause asthma and allergy attacks.
  • To find allergy relief you should learn some cleaning tips to avoid allergens. Some cleaning supplies are available that can help to reduce dust from the surface.


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