How to Relieve Your Allergies? Natural Allergy Relief Treatment for Allergies without Medicines

Natural Allergy TreatmentGoing to the doctor and taking medications work only for sometimes, but not always.

You may need to do something at home to get allergy relief, which is called as natural allergy relief.

Treatments for natural allergy relief involves, strengthening your immune system, providing adrenal support, reviewing the best vitamins, minerals, and herbs for fighting allergies.

Natural Allergy Relief through Orthomolecular Approach:

Orthomolecular approach mainly focuses on using nutritional supplements to strengthen the body. In this natural allergy relief treatment method you have to take higher amounts of various nutrients to support the body’s functions and metabolic nutritional imbalance. By supporting the body’s functions and enhancing the immune system, you can obtain allergy relief.

Natural allergy relief supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and herbs help to maintain the immune system and will not weaken the body’s functionality in the long term.

Use of Nutritional Supplements:

  • Some nutrients and herbs help to strengthen the adrenals.
  • Some of the nutrients and herbs work as natural antihistamine and decongestants. They can help to keep breathing passages clear.
  • Other herbs and dietary supplements relieve the irritation that often comes with asthma and allergy attacks.

Natural Allergy Relief Supplements for Allergy Relief:

You can find more natural allergy relief supplements to find allergy relief. Some of those are:

Vitamin C: used as antihistamine and provides adrenal support.

Vitamin A: works as anti-inflammatory agent and used to strengthen the immune system.

Vitamin B5: performs adrenal functions and fights against stress.

Vitamin B12: helps to reduce inflammatory response.

Vitamin E: works as immune booster.

Quercitin: it is a plant that works as an anti-inflammatory agent. Helps to block the release of histamines from your body and keeps lungs, nasal passages and eyes from swelling up. It also serves as an antihistamine, preventing watery eyes and runny noses.

Stinging nettle: it is also a plant used to decrease the symptoms of sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.

Magnesium: helps to get relief from bronchospasm diseases.

Homeopathic eye drops: these are the most effective remedies for itchy, allergy-stricken eyes. These drops contain the extracts of ingredients such as ground honey bees, and plants such as euphrasia and sabadilla.

Fish oils: eat foods that have highest content of fish oils. Fish oils have anti-inflammatory activity.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of the vegetables and foods have anti-inflammatory properties. Eating more vegetables can reduce the severity of hay fever. Avoid eating the same ones over and over.

Before using above natural allergy relief remedies consult your doctor.

Natural Allergy Relief Tips:

  • Drink enough water. Fluids help to clear air ways.
  • Eat spicy foods that can increase blood flow, which brings oxygen to the nasal passages and also eliminate the mucus.
  • Avoid dairy, sugar, wheat and food additives because they produce excess mucus, which leads to congestion and nasal irritation.
  • Moderate aerobic exercise strengthens your immune system and makes your body less sensitive to allergens. Exercise improves blood flow in your body through which nasal passages, lungs, and sinuses function optimally.
  • Breathing exercises and simple yoga practice are the better natural allergy relief treatments that help to relax the chest muscles and open the air ways so that you can breathe freely.
  • Massages can help you to open up nasal passages and to breathe freely.
  • Steam your face regularly for about 15 minutes.


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