Keep Your Humidifier In Good Condition To Prevent Allergies

humidifierAllergy triggers, which can linger in your home, will affect how much your allergies act up.

A humidifier is a good tool to have when you are fighting allergies. Humidifiers will help with these triggers, and will put humidity back into your home.

The cleaning of your humidifier will depend upon how often you are using it.

If your allergies are severe, and you are using your humidifier daily, then you will want to clean your machine at least once a week.

Reviewing Owner’s Manual

Cleaning your humidifier will not be hard for you to do. Your machine will be easy to clean if you complete the process systematically. One very important thing that you will want to do first is to read your humidifier’s manual. This manual will give you all the information and tips for cleaning that you will need.

Trying to clean your humidifier on your own without first checking your manual could prove disastrous. Every humidifier is different, and you will need the proper cleaning instructions for the model that you have.

If you have a warranty on your machine, you will not want to void out that warranty by not going by the instructions.

General Rules for Cleaning the Tank

It is crucial that you unplug your humidifier before doing any kind of cleaning, to prevent getting shocked. You will need to place the machine on a flat surface, where there is a lot of light. Remove and empty the water tank that is in your humidifier.

You will next need to refill your tank with fresh cold water. Add one-quarter cup of white vinegar to your tank to clean it. Let the water stay inside the tank for thirty minutes. Make sure that you rinse the tank thoroughly to remove all of the vinegar.

Filter Cleaning Made Easy

You will want to remove the filter, and rubber rings, as your humidifier Filters can really get dirty with continual use. The best product to use when cleaning your filter is white vinegar.

Boil about six cups of water in a pan, remove water from stove, and pour it into a temperature safe bowl. Next, add one and one half cups of white vinegar to bowl of water.

Place your machine’s filter into the bowl, and let it sit for thirty minutes or more until it looks clean.

Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits will form on the inside of your base unit. Add one half cup of white vinegar, and one half cup of water to the base, and let it sit for at least forty minutes, to give the mineral deposits time to dissolve.

Be sure to rinse until all signs of vinegar are gone. You can use a small bristle brush, or soft cloth, to assist you in cleaning.

Use a spray bottle, which has a mixture of vinegar and water in it, to clean the outside portion of the humidifier. Reassemble your humidifier after it has dried, and you are good to go.



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