Probiotics For Allergy Relief

There is an increasing amount of evidence to show that it is our lifestyles modeled on largely sterile and aseptic environments that increases our susceptibility to different allergies.

While there are other factors at play, such as air pollution, smoking and family history, the fact that percentages of people with allergies are rising, gives credence to this theory that excessive cleanliness can cause sensitivities that lead to allergies.

This is true with regard to the floral bacteria that line the intestinal tract as well. As exposure to bad bacteria is reduced, so is the exposure to good or friendly bacteria.

Whereas in times when levels of hygiene were perhaps not as high as they are now, the flora that lines the gut was perhaps more diverse. The fact that intestinal flora is now not as diverse as once used to be the norm, is not so good for us, according to experts.

This is also the reason that many allergists recommend the use of probiotics to help shore up defenses against allergens.

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria found in yoghurt and other probiotics foods which experts recommend consuming. Probiotics consumed by a pregnant woman are also seen to protect the unborn child from allergies.test



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