The Pros Of Allergy Shots

If you have allergies you have probably just wished them away any number of times and have perhaps considered getting allergy shots if they would rid you of the problem.

Allergy shots or immunotherapy, works on the principle of stimulating the body’s immune system to resist allergic reaction by small doses of the allergen.

Over time the allergen dose is increased until tolerance is built up and allergic reactions diminish over time. The benefits of allergy shots are many:

  • In many cases allergy shots are able to provide long term and consistent relief from the allergic symptoms that one may suffer from.
  • Many kinds of allergies such as pet allergies (mostly dog and cat allergies) mold, dust mites and pollen are effectively controlled with allergy shots. Broadly speaking, allergy shots can help with seasonal allergies, indoor allergies and with insect stings.
  • Most health maintenance organizations (HMOs) will pay for immunotherapy, particularly if your allergies are severe or if the things that one is allergic to are not easily avoidable. However, it is best to check with specific policies beforehand about inclusions and exclusions.
  • Allergy shots may also alleviate the need to take allergy medications which may often have bothersome side effects or may interfere with the taking of other medications.


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