10 Allergy Alert Tools To Protect Your Child From Allergic Reaction

There is perhaps nothing quite as frightening for a child as having an allergic reaction away from home. Surrounded by strangers and without support from people who know their condition, these children can experience high levels of anxiety, which can further complicate matters. Make it easier for your child to cope with allergies and prevent them before they happen with these allergy alert tools and tricks.

1. Labels For Your Child’s Dishes And Lunch Box

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( photo by Label It Or Lose IT )

You can retrofit your child’s existing lunch bags, backpacks, and purses by simply purchasing some customized labels. Label It or Lose It allergy alert tool helps you create brightly-colored single- or multiple-allergy iron-on and stick-on labels for under $15.

The stick on labels are both waterproof and microwavable as well as dishwasher safe so they’re perfect for protecting your child from dishes and lunch box.

2. Letter For School Nurse Or Playdate Parent

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If your child goes to a day home or is already in school, consider sending a note with your child for the day home manager or school nurse.

Revolution Health has a great template for just this purpose that gives you the wording and all of the information you need to convey your wishes thoughtfully and clearly to your child’s caregiver.

3. Playful Epipen Carrying Case

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Make it easy for your child to avoid an allergic reaction while they’re at school, a friend’s house, or somewhere in between by preparing emergency supplies. Carrying EpiPens doesn’t have to be geeky with one of Allergy Haven’s fun carrying cases.

4. Allergy Translations For Traveling

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If your family will be traveling in the near future, it’s a good idea to think about how you’ll avoid unwanted allergic reactions whether you’re out for dinner at a local restaurant or on vacation.

Advanced preparation is especially necessary if you’re heading to a country with a language you do not speak. The simplest way to avoid an allergic reaction is to know your child’s triggers and ask about them when at a restaurant or picking something up at a grocery store or bakery.

But what if you don’t speak the local language? One simple allergy alert tool to carry with you is a food allergy identification card. For only $8, you can create a customized Allergy Translation Card in a variety of foreign languages which you print out at home and pack in your purse or your child’s backpack. Simply select your allergies, the language, and print!

5. Pantry Stickers

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Make home a little safer for the allergy sufferer in your home by getting some of these “Safe” and “Not Safe” Pantry Stickers that identify the right food choices for your child. Even those who can’t read should be able to find safe snacks and treats with these inexpensive labels.

6. Allergy Bracelets

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If your child would rather not be wearing an adult medical alert bracelet, try out one of these fun silicone allergy bracelet options in bright colors.

They are debossed with “Allergy Alert!” so that anyone helping them with an allergic reaction will be aware of your child’s needs. STATkids also carries wristbands that come debossed with your child’s specific allergy.

7. Allergy Alert Backpack Tags

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For children with an aversion to carrying an obvious allergy backpack, these allergy alert tags may do the trick in a more subtle fashion. They are bright yellow and give you room to add your child’s name, emergency contacts, allergy information, and auto injector information. Buy one for each of your child’s backpacks, overnight kits, duffel bags, and purses.

8. Allergy Alert Stickers

allergic reactionSend your kids into the world with their food and belongings labeled with these allergy alert stickers. From STATkids, these stickers come with a wide range of health ID options so that you can choose the ones that describe your child’s allergies easily and safely.

9. Prevent Cross-Contamination By Educating The Cooks In Your Life

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Many people do not understand the dangers of cross-contamination and therefore are not aware of the hazards posed to those in your life.

Educate them by giving them a Chef Sheet by Allergy Translation (available in a variety of languages) or by ItsANuttyWorld. You can use this while on the road or for the cooks at your local neighborhood restaurant.

10. Safe Snack Box

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Make it really simple for people to identify your child’s safe food and store it away from other potential hazards with one of these safe snack boxes.

This allergy alert tool comes with a label that you can use to place your child’s photo, name, and allergy for easy reference as well as a Velcro-attached emergency card inside the cover.



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