5 Tips To Reduce Allergy Risk In Kids

allergy riskThere is a lot of ongoing research into the subject of management and possible prevention of allergies, particularly among children; however there is no clear information about how allergies of different kinds can be prevented.

However these tips offered by Dennis Ledford, M.D. may help parents to prevent and control allergies.

1. Don’t smoke. We all know why and how bad smoking is, and even if you only smoke outside the house, it is still unhealthy for your children, and may contribute to respiratory problems and allergy.

2. There is some research to show, that breast fed babies are less likely to have allergies. Though there is no conclusive proof that breastfeeding will definitely prevent allergies but it will reduce them and provide a unique bonding experience.

3. Delay feeding children foods that are common allergens. For children under age 3, items such as nuts, soy, shellfish etc, are best avoided.

4. The decision to have a pet or put it up for adoption has to be the family’s decision; however, if a child is diagnosed with a pet dander allergy, you may want to consider that option.

5. Combustion products such as natural gas stoves and fireplaces in the home may exacerbate respiratory symptoms.



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