Adult Onset Allergies – What Triggers Them?

There are many among us who had a carefree childhood jousting with the pet dog, rolling in the garden and pretty much doing anything we wished.

And then when adults, we are confronted with our first ever allergy; an adult onset allergy.

Suddenly one has to watch what one eats, where one sleeps and basically be careful about a whole lot of things. There are certain explanations offered:

  • It is thought that living in a too clean and aseptic environment in adulthood; where the incidence of dust, pollen[pollen allergy], mold etc is reduced may perhaps give rise to allergies.
  • The weakening of the immune system has also been linked with developing allergies in adulthood. Witness how it is that many women develop allergies for the first time when pregnant, or even after childbirth.
  • Developing allergies takes time and repeated exposure to certain triggers and allergens. So it may take a person several years or an extended length of time over which exposure to certain triggers develops into an allergy.
  • Research has shown that there is a strong genetic component in developing allergies; so that if one’s parents have allergies, there is more than 30% chance that one will as well get allergies.


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