Allergic To Sunscreen? What To Do?

sunscreenHere are some questions and answers about sun and sunscreen allergies:

Q. Can you be allergic to the sun?

A. Polymorphous light eruption which manifests in different types of rashes occur mostly among Caucasians living in northern latitudes. It happens after being exposed to sun after a lot spell of not being exposed and this causes the immune system to react to the sun. Also avoid sun exposure during the peak daylight hours – 10 am to 4 pm, when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

Q. What can one do if one is allergic to sunscreen?

A. Use photo-protective clothing that has a UPF- Ultraviolet Protective Factor rating. Use appropriate protective head gear such as hats and also sunglasses with built in protection. Also find out what it is that you are allergic to – sunscreens normally use titanium or zinc to block the sun’s rays and deflect them off the skin. It may be that you are allergic to one and not another brand since it could be the fragrance or base or preservative used in a particular formulation that you are allergic to.



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