Allergies Shouldn’t Cause Stress During The Holidays

Many of us are welcoming family or traveling to see loved ones over the holidays. There are plenty of stresses with holiday travel, but allergies need not be one of them.

Some planning and communication can go a long way toward making sure that everyone enjoys the holidays.

Ask your guest if there are any concerns about staying at your home. Know ahead of time whether the holiday potpourri or wood-fired stove is going to bother someone.

If a guest is allergic to your pets, keep them out of the room where your guest will stay and then put fresh linens on the bed.

It is very helpful to wash the pillows and blankets as well. Cat allergen actually dissolves in water and easily washes out of bedding.

Uncomfortable situations can arise when a family member with asthma visits the home of a smoker. It may be especially hard to ask an older member of the family to smoke outside of their own home.

Patience and understanding are needed on both sides. If, for example, your child’s asthma is poorly controlled at the time of the visit it may be easier on everyone to get a hotel or make alternate arrangements.

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