Allergies Will Now Be Restaurant’s Responsibility Too

restaurantIn a move that may have a lot of allergy sufferers in Massachusetts, heave a sigh of relief, there will now be a legal requirement for restaurants to also be responsible for people’s allergies as reported here.

Restaurants will now have to undertake certain measures to mitigate any ill effects that may occur as a result of a customer’s food allergies:

  • Restaurants will be required to train and educate their waiters in matters relating to allergies.
  • Managers of restaurants will be required to obtain certification from food allergy training courses.
  • The restaurants will have to post instructions as well as food allergy information in the staff area.
  • The menu will have to bear the following statutory warning: “Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy“.

This will be a welcome legislation for those allergy sufferers who are terrified of eating out lest they suffer the consequences of their allergies due to a mistake of some sort, and for those who eschew eating out altogether. This places responsibility for protecting allergy sufferers on the consumer as well as the restaurant.



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