Allergy Tablets Effective Against Hay Fever

Though allergy shots are known to be an effective anti allergy treatment that helps reduce the body’s adverse reactions to allergens, they are known to have certain uncomfortable side effects such as itching, swelling and so on.

hayfeverRecently, other needle free alternatives to allergy shots have been examined; such as allergy tablets; also known as Sublingual Immunotherapy.

So those who do not get adequate relief from their allergies with standard drugs could find sublingual immunotherapy an effective option which consists of a daily tablet or drops left under the tongue.

According to senior researcher Dr. Stephen Durham of the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, this therapy is as effective as nasal steroids and anti histamines.

Also there is the added benefit of the therapy continuing to remain effective even after discontinuation.

Researchers found that active therapy resulted in less medication and fewer allergy symptoms and the efficacy was greatly enhanced when the tablets were taken for 12 months or more. Users did not report any serious reactions or side effects to the therapy, other than some minor ones like tingling or itching under the tongue.

Lower costs and time saved through self administration and convenience are other benefits that the allergy tablets have over allergy shots.



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