Allergy Test – An Effective Way To Diagnose Your Allergies

Allergy TestAre you are feeling that you are allergic to something?

Now it is time to contact your doctor. Surely you need to have an allergy test to figure out where the problem is coming from.

Allergy test involves having skin or blood test to determine what substances or allergen may trigger an allergic reaction.

The types of allergy tests that can be carried out will depend on your allergic symptoms or the conditions of your skin. These tests include:

  • Blood testq
  • Skin prick test
  • Patch tests
  • Challenge test

How to prepare for the allergy test?

Before performing any allergy test your health care provider will ask you the details about your medical history. These details may include questions about the things such as illness, foods, lifestyle, work, eating habits, emotional and social conditions, and entertainment. So you need to prepare for all these type of questions to answer to your health care provider.

You should not take antihistamines before having skin test. This may give a false or negative result. Your doctor will advice you which medicines to avoid and when to stop taking them before the test.

How you feel during the allergy test?

While performing skin test it may cause very mild discomfort when the skin is scratched or pricked. Itching may accompany a positive reaction to the allergen.

What is the use of allergy test?

These tests are used to determine the specific substances that cause an allergic reaction in your body. These tests may also be used to determine is there any group of symptoms that make an allergic reaction, which include antibodies and histamine release.

Due to food intolerance an allergic reaction will be developed. These reactions are due to improper digestion and lack of appropriate enzymes. Some drugs can also cause allergic symptoms without the formation of antibodies or the release of histamines. All these factors can be identified by performing an allergy test.

Are there any risks while performing allergy test?

There are some risks associated with skin test and food allergy tests when you are exposed to the allergen. The drugs other than penicillin and some related drugs are dangerous when used in allergy test.

Some allergy tests are not proven as valid tests. They include cytotoxic testing and provocation and neutralization testing.

In cytotoxic testing different foods are mixed in a test tube and they are injected in your blood and then your doctor will observe your white blood cells for a change in shape.

In provocation and neutralization testing you will be injected with a food or other substance. If there is an allergic reaction then more substances are injected to neutralize the response. Sometimes this can be very dangerous.

So you need to search for an efficient doctor to perform valid tests. To determine definite cause you should have an allergy test. Then only you can get the correct treatment.



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