Are You An Asthma Sufferer? You Are At Increased Risk To Develop Sulfite Allergy!

asthma suffererHave you ever heard of sulfite allergy? Sulfites are considered as a group of sulfur-based compounds that can occur naturally.

These sulfites are also added as a preservative or enhancer by many food processing companies. They are also used as bleaching agent for certain foods like corn, potatoes, etc.

So, any person can develop sensitivity to these sulfite products at any time in their entire course of life.

Allergies caused due to this particular group of sulfur based compounds are very rare.

It has been estimated by FDA that only one in 100 individuals can become sensitive to these sulfur compounds.

Even though these sulfites are no longer used in fresh foods, it is rather possible for you to get exposed to sulfites through a variety of processed and cooked foods. They are also naturally found in the process of making beer, wine and at times in other alcoholic beverages.

Asthmatics! Stay away from sulfite compounds!

Are you an asthma sufferer? Then you must be very careful with all those products processed with sulfite. This particular group of sulfur compounds can significantly increase your asthma symptoms. It has been proved that almost 5% of all asthmatics, especially adults, are considered to be at increased risk of developing sulfite allergy.

Several well-controlled studies have proved that some of the asthma patients are actually suffering with severe asthma symptoms because of eating sulfite containing foods.

Just merely inhaling the fumes of sulfur can also significantly aggravate your asthma symptoms. So, if you are really suffering with asthma, then simply try to stay away from all sulfite products to reduce your risk of asthma.

Reduce your risk of asthma with these essential tips!

  • While buying any food products or beverages, try to check the label carefully, particularly dried fruits. It is believed that sulfites are often used for preserving dried fruits. Instead, you can use those which are dried under sun naturally.
  • Before drinking any beer or wine, try to check with the manufacturer, as many manufacturers don’t include sulfite and its contents on the label.
  • Try to prefer organic fruits and vegetables, instead of eating normal ones.
  • Try to minimize your intake of processed and canned foods.
  • Always carry your inhaler with you as precautionary measure. This measure can help you greatly in managing your asthma, if at all you get it after having any kind of food processed with sulfite.

These are certain effective tips which can help you considerably in managing the severity of asthma symptoms. Avoiding all those processed foods, not only help you to minimize your risk of asthma, but they can also help you significantly in maintaining healthy life too!



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