Be Aware With Common Allergy Myths

allergy mythsEvery one has their own perception in dealing with things and understanding their own health conditions including allergies.

If you experience sneezing, itching, watery eyes, nasal discharge when exposed to any allergens, you are sensitive to those particular allergens.

At times, most of the people with allergies fail to recognize the allergy symptoms or misunderstand them as a signs of cold or any other common health problem.

Allergies can be very serious and would also evolve into a life threatening condition, if left untreated.

So, it is very crucial for every one to understand them in detail. Here are a few allergy myths that every one must be aware of.

  1. Allergies are not triggered among adults
  2. Although many allergies begin during childhood, it is quite obvious that adults can become allergic to certain things which they were not affected by allergies before.

    Many health experts believe that people who’ve done well in most of their life develop allergies when they reached their adult stage.

    Some experts also say that people become more sensitive to common allergens like dust mites, pollen as they grow older. So, take the necessary measurements to prevent allergies in all possible ways.

  3. Short haired pets don’t cause allergies
  4. Neither the fur of your pets nor its length is the actual culprits for allergies. Actually, the protein that was found in animal’s skin or saliva is responsible for allergies caused in people.

    When compared to dogs, cats can cause much more severe allergy problems. This is due to the reason that cats tend to lick their hair a lot and spreads the allergic protein onto their coat.

    Do you know even rabbits and rodents can also cause allergies? So, it is not advisable to own pets that have fur if any of your family members have pet allergies.

    If you seriously want to adopt a pet, it is always recommended to choose pets that are furless like snake, fish or hermit crab.

  5. Local honey can prevent seasonal allergies
  6. If you think that the pollen that is the source of the honey will not trigger any allergy symptoms, then you are in wrong consideration. The reason is that pollen is one of the most common allergen and that the honey is extracted from this particular allergen.

  7. You can outgrow allergies
  8. Even though some of you may have experienced very few symptoms of allergies by staying away from potential allergens, it is not possible to grow out of allergies.

    The reason is quite simple; it is not possible to completely avoid exposure from potential allergy triggers like dust, pollen, mold, etc.



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