Chemicals To Avoid In Cleaning Products To Reduce Allergy Risks

allergy risksDo you frequently experience allergic symptoms while cleaning home? Are you concerned with the selection of better cleaning products for your allergies?

Even though maintaining healthy and hygienic environment is very essential, it becomes quite difficult for you, particularly when you are allergic to chemicals.

For most of the people, maintaining a healthy clean environment becomes extremely a major concern.

However, allergy products offer a wide variety of high quality cleaning products to ensure that your home is free from all those undesirable and unhygienic allergens.

But, if you are sensitive to chemicals, then cleaning can become extremely difficult task for you.

This is mainly due to the reason that the chemicals which are mainly used in cleaning products are rather harmful for you.

So, if you are really worried about this, then here are certain chemicals which you can avoid to reduce your risks of allergy.

Chlorine! Most of the household cleaners often contain chlorine bleach. This chlorine bleach is generally considered as the most powerful eye irritant. Even, it is also capable to develop various lung disorders.

If chlorine or sodium hypochlorite is mixed with ammonia or any kind of acid-based cleaners, then this chlorine bleach releases a poisonous chloramine gas. When you are exposed to this gas even for a short period of time, it can cause various respiratory disorders, including asthma.

So, as possible as you can, try to avoid mixing chlorine bleach with any acid based cleaners including vinegar.

Phosphates! Phosphates are those minerals, which will act as water softeners. Apart from being effective cleaners, these phosphates also act as fertilizer. Most of the major brand detergents are made with the phosphate products. So, if your skin or body system is considerably sensitive to chemicals, then try to avoid exposing your skin to all those detergents made with phosphates.

Alkyl phenols and all its derivatives! These aklylphenols are normally found in certain detergents, disinfecting cleaners and also in certain hair care products, including hair colors. So, when you suspect that allergies can develop due to chemical exposure, particularly towards alkylphenols, then try to avoid all those products that contain alkylphenols.

If you succeed in choosing those cleaning products which do not contain these chemicals, you can minimize your risk of developing various allergic symptoms that occur due to chemical exposure. However, try to consult your general physician and know all those possible ways to avoid allergic symptoms that cause due to chemical exposure.



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