Climate Change And Allergies – What’s The Connection?

Global warming and climate change are phenomena that appear to be affecting all facets of our life; and now it would seem that they have an impact on our allergies as well.

The National Wildlife Federation and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America have claimed in a recent report that because of climate change, spring, and consequently the allergy season has arrived as much as two weeks earlier than it has in past decades. This early arrival of spring has also triggered early allergic reactions.

allergyIt is seen that allergies (and asthma because it is triggered by allergies) are responsible for medical health costs of up to $32 billion.

This cost includes the quantification of lost productivity and medical expenses as well. As the earth’s temperatures continue to rise, this national cost will also continue to rise along with it.

Climate change also impacts allergies in another way; by the change in vegetation that results from warmer climates. Pines, firs and spruces may be replaced by the sort of trees which are more allergenic such as oak and hickory and hence trigger more allergic attacks.

Changing vegetation of course has a graver impact on ecological balance than mere allergy trigger, which also has to be kept in mind.

Source: US News



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