Dealing With Allergies And Depression

allergyIf you have bouts of depression, but also have allergies, then your depression may be causing your allergies, or vice versa.

Depression sometimes will make you feel like you have something physically wrong with you, and at other times it will actually bring on a physical ailment. It will affect all parts of your body.

Sometimes your physician will not understand the correlation between the two.

It is a good idea for you have all the information that you need about depression and allergies, so that you will understand your options.

There are many people who have depression just like you, who also suffer with allergies. You are not alone.

Food Allergies

When you have food allergies, over time you will develop an allergic reaction to more and more types of foods. Having to struggle with not knowing what kinds of foods will make you ill, will put a strain on you mentally, and can cause your depression.

Your physician will help you determine, through testing, what foods will be your trigger foods.

Once you have figured out what brings on your allergic reaction, you will mentally feel a lot better, and this will help your depression go away.

Seasonal Allergies

Being sensitive to pollen, which comes from trees, plants, and flowers that bloom in the spring, could bring on symptoms of congestion, sneezing, and watery eyes. Sometimes your allergies will affect you for weeks or even months. This can put you into a state of depression.

You are suffering and cannot seem to get a lot of relief. Several symptoms come along with these feelings. It can make you feel cranky and out of sorts.

Fatigue may take over and all you want to do is lie around your house. You may be suffering with mood swings during this time. Your allergies are bringing on these signs of depression.

Sleep Habits

When you think about allergies and depression, you sometimes do not think about how your sleep is affected. When you are suffering from your allergies, it can keep you up at night. Not getting enough sleep, from your allergies, can bring on depression.

You may develop insomnia, which will make your life more difficult to deal with. It may make you unable to think straight.

Seeing an allergist, who can help you with medication and treatment for your problem, will help to relieve your signs of depression and help to calm your allergies.

Causes of Allergy Depression

There is a chemical inside your brain called histamine. When you have an allergic reaction, histamine attaches to histamine receptors in your brain, and this histamine will affect the way you feel about things. It can make you feel moody and even give you a case of the “blues”.

The only way to avoid this type of depression is to try to avoid your allergy triggers. Sometimes this is almost impossible to do, but with help from your physician or health care provider, you should be able to live a productive life.



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