How to Decor your Home for Allergy Free

Home decoration is not just about the beauty. When you are decorating your house, you need to consider few other factors. Some of the most popular aspects include the theme, colors and space utilization. However, there exists another important aspect to consider, i.e. allergy. Allergies are a common case in many houses. The haphazard and unsuitable decoration is a major reason for this. So, this article deals with the ways which you should follow to décor your home for allergy free.

How to Decor your Home for Allergy Free


Allergens can be found anywhere, be it in the furniture, carpets, floors or ceilings. Allergens are mostly molds, dust mites, pet dander, or even pollen. And getting rid of them is quite impossible and disadvantageous. Not having allergens in your home will results in your immune system not building up. But also, having an undesirable number of allergens will be bad for your health. So, let’s see how you can overcome the problem and décor your home for allergy free.

Ways to minimize allergens

There are certain steps that you can follow to make sure you decorate your home allergy free.

  1. Use the minimum amount of fabrics. Fabrics, such as quilts, curtains, carpets and certain sofa materials can collect huge amounts of dust. They have a lot of pores and rough surfaces. Hence, it’s easier for dust and allergens to cling to Therefore, always try to use materials that have a smooth and flat surface for decoration.
  2. Avoid clusters. When decorating your home, avoid cramping up spaces with many objects. Keep objects at a distance that gives you access to the corners. Otherwise, it will be hard to clean that area and will result in dust collection.
  3. Pick the right furniture with simple designs. Having furniture with carved designs or many folds and hollows (that are hard to reach) can once again be tough to clean thoroughly. So, it’s better if you use furniture with smoother solid surfaces.
  4. Use beds with slatted base. This can prevent stagnation of the matter. This stagnation is one main reason why dust allergy is hard to get rid of.
  5. Use flooring that is easy to clean. Small floor tiles or floorboards can be hard to clean. You can use large tiles and laminated surfaces for flooring to get over this situation.
  6. Plants can promote the growth of mold and produce pollen. Avoid keeping clusters of plants in the bathroom and bedroom areas. Also, choose the plants that are more suitable for the indoors.
  7. When painting walls, use water-based or allergy-friendly paints to stop dust sticking to the walls.
  8. Use window shutters instead of heavy curtains. Curtain folds can create dark cozy spaces that promote allergens.

Now you have discovered many ways in which you can decorate your home allergy free. Basically, what you have to do is, know the nature of the decorations which you are going to use for your home. Once you know which set of stuff attracts less dust and allergens, you can easily get rid of them while home decorations.